Honeywell/RAE Family of VOC Detectors MiniRAE 3000+ Family of Industrial PID Analyzers The portable VOC monitors include the MiniRAE 3000+, MiniRAE Lite+, ppbRAE 3000+, UltraRAE 3000+ & ToxiRAE Pro PID, are used for industrial hygiene, leak detection, and/or HazMat response. These VOC monitors incorporate photoionization detector (PID) technology with an extended detection range from parts per billion to 15,000 ppm, with a rapid response time, built-in correction factors for more than 200 compounds, and auto-cleaning sensor technology. MiniRAE Lite+ Monitor, Model PGM-7300The affordable MiniRAE Lite+ hand-held monitor …

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Cryogenic Valves

We Have Cryogenic Valves! Don Wolf & Associates provides high performance cryogenic valves that operate at extremely low temperatures typically found when handling LN2 (liquid nitrogen) or LCO2 (liquid carbon dioxide) and other cryogenic media. These two-way, normally closed, rugged valves offer 1/4″ NPT ports and 1/4″ orifices. These valves function at extreme temperatures down to -320°F and provide millions of cycles of life expectancy… all designed to operate within your exacting requirements. These same valves are also well suited for high temperature, steam …

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Testo 340 Burner Kit

Product Feature: Testo 340 Burner Tuner Kit – O2 CO NO Printer Testo 340 Burner Tuner Kit The ultimate combustion analyzer for commercial and industrial boiler and burners.  This kit is configured especially for commissioning, tuning, and testing boilers and burners. Contact us for more information on this kit and other parts available.


Product Feature: Threat ID FTIR (Analysis of Solids, Liquids, Powders & Gases ThreatID is the state-of-the-art chemical identifier, designed with input from first responders from all over the world. The superior performance, ergonomics, and usability of ThreatID supports higher confidence in identification of unknowns and quicker decision-making. Any substance in contact with the diamond surface is interrogated by IR energy and a spectrum is acquired that is a characteristic pattern of the substance. In seconds, this IR “fingerprint” is automatically …

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Testo Analyzer

Service Your Testo Analyzers & RAE Systems by Honeywell Equipment Our Service Bench is Clear and Ready For Your Equipment.Have your Testo Analyzers and RAE Systems by Honeywell equipment tuned up, calibrated and ready to go. You’ll receive our expert service with fast turn-around times!During the normal course of use, analyzers and instruments can begin to function slower and with less accuracy than usual.  When this occurs, it may be time to have those devices serviced. The Testo 350 Analyzer & Instrument …

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