We are an experienced application engineering company and stocking distributor. We’ve been in business for over 40 years and can assist you with your entire component for automation and analyzer & instrument needs. We are a distributor of the following companies’ quality products:

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ACI Medical: Custom, miniature fluid dispensing and diaphragm pumps for the OEM in both liquid and gas handling configurations. Click to see product lines.
Gas Dynamics: Bottler of portable calibration gases used for calibration and challenging of all our analyzers
Gems Sensors and Controls: Sensors and switches to detect pressure, level, flow and temperature of virtually all fluids. Click to see product lines.
Honeywell Analytics: Honeywell provides ambient air safety monitors. Single-gas, pager-style safety alarm, multi-gas personal safety monitor for confined space entry, toxic gas analyzers, analyzers for hazardous and bio-hazard spills, releases, explosions and other events.
BW Technologies By Honeywell: Develops, manufactures and markets gas detection instrumentation to protect personnel and facilities around the world. Reliable, technology-driven instruments provide cost-effective solutions for your gas detection needs.
Predyne: (Precision Dynamics a division of Gems Sensors and Controls) Custom solenoid valve solutions for OEM’s. Cryogenic fluids are a specialty.
RAE Systems: Ambient air safety monitors. Single-gas, pager-style safety alarm, multi-gas personal safety monitor for confined space entry, VOC analyzers, toxic gas analyzers, analyzers for radiation, CWA, TIC, hazardous and bio-hazard spills, releases, explosions and other events. Click to see product lines.
Testo, Inc.: A complete line of test and measurement equipment including exhaust gas analyzers, IAQ (indoor air quality) monitors, meters for humidity, temperature, pressure, light, sound, pH, conductivity, refrigeration, RPM and velocity. Click to see product lines.
Valcor Scientific: Solenoid valves, dispensing pumps and regulators for standard and exotic fluid applications. General purpose industrial solenoid valves, cryogenic valves and a variety of custom configurations are available.
Environics: Produces chemical sensors, detectors and detection systems for the protection of people, the environment and for space research. Click to see product lines.
Shimpo Instruments: Tachometers, Stroboscopes, Panel Meters and more!
Enerac:  With thirty two years of experience in measuring combustion efficiency and monitoring emissions, Enerac is located in Westbury, NY. Here at Don Wolf & Associates, we service, calibrate and supply parts and sensor for the complete line of Enerac Analyzers including models: 2000, 2000E, 3000, 3000E, 200, 400, 500 and 700.
GMI: Provides new and re-manufactured to specification scientific instrumentation and instrumentation service to research universities, medical and forensic investigators, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, chemical analysis and environmental firms. Click to see product lines.