Testo Analyzers/Instruments/Probes

With our Testo Instruments you’re sure to find the Analyzer or Instrument that you need!  Testo has a range of exhaust gas analyzers that have set the standard for portable analysis.  They can be used for tuning up stationary engines, turbines, boilers and furnaces and are accepted all over the world as compliance-grade instruments!

The Testo line includes portable instruments for process measurement and control.  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Test and Balance for temperature, humidity and air flow measurement and control.  HVAC testing and even pH, Light and Sound measurement.

Testo also has a line of Thermal Imagers which range from an entry-level Image Capture model to a version that can do Thermal VIDEO Capture!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to call 800-266-2046!

When it comes to Instruments and Analyzers, consider us your one-stop-shop. In addition to sales, we also offer: Analyzer Training and Factory-Authorized Analyzer Service.